What is CrossFit?

The definition of CrossFit is constantly Varied, functional movement at high intensity, meaning workouts change daily using a mixture of aerobic capacity training, Olympic weightlifting, Strongman lifts, Gymnastics and anything else life can throw at you. It is for everyone no matter what age, gender, level of fitness, prior fitness experience, current physical condition or any health issues. We teach CrossFit in a small group environment where every workout can be scaled up or down to your ability.

The boutique style of CrossFit Fuel Your Fire is designed with the intention to focus on the individual needs of each member. Personal nutrition coaching, goal setting, sport specific training and a general Physical preparedness programs are all focused towards the individual and goals can be anything from getting in and out of a chair with ease, playing with your children, helping you to be better and motivated at work or participation in professional sport. With small group classes of no more than 4 to 6, CrossFit Fuel Your Fire can tend to every members need and speed up fitness and progress within a Boutique, safe environment.

World class equipment paired with the style of the Boutique setting and the special touches, like free bottled water, cold face cloths and everything you might need, from hair clips to nail files, shower with luxury amenities to the pro-shop with some of the best brands of hand care, supplementation, apparel and other quality items.